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Commandline Access

RussRuss Posts: 81 Alien Overseer
edited April 2013 in Product

OSSIM & AlienVault Community!
You may have noticed some changes in the last release ­ namely the way we handle command line access has changed. Why? well, we are not trying to make your life harder, in fact we are trying to make it easier.

The goal of OSSIM is to help reduce the amount of time you spend configuring and administering your security controls ­ the way we do this is by unifying the configuration settings and replicating them to all of the security controls we have included in the product. When a new user starts with OSSIM they often say ‘hey cool, I know how to configure SNORT!’ and they start hacking away at the config. Little do they know, when they touch these files, there is a very good chance they are going to change something that will get overwritten when they change something in the user interface. We have restricted the commandline access so as to help users understand this and make it harder for these mistakes to be made.
But wait! We know that we do not have all of the config options available so when you find yourself in a jam, you can ‘jailbreak’ the system. All we ask is that when you do, leave us a little note here to let us know what you were trying to do. This will help us improve the product - the goal is to simplify and unify the configuration so any bit helps! 



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