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Priority and process in creating new documentation

timbrighamtimbrigham Posts: 154 Abducted By Aliens
How is the new documentation at the ARK prioritized? I know that there has been a lot of discussion about places that documentation has been missing in the past - I've been part of a few - but I haven't seen anything that outlines subject areas that the community would like to see. 

Areas that I think would be good include how to respond to vulnerability reports, assigning and managing tickets, how emails are generated, how to share scans / tickets between multiple users, etc. 

There might be a poll of some kind out there already but I'm not seeing it. 

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  • marcmunkmarcmunk Posts: 179 Abducted By Aliens
    I do not have any afiliation with AlienVault so i cant make an official comment but as far as i know as ARK is community driven.

    As i see it you either setup a lab and figure stuff out and write the documentation or you post a list of stuff you woud like to see documentet in ARK and hope someone, like me, thinks it would be exciting to try the things in a lab and document it afterwards.
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